The Best Video & IPTV Streaming providers for 2021

    The list below is shown in random order. We discuss a number of platforms that are available worldwide, some good options that are popular abroad and the best streaming services in the USA. Tastes differ, so we'll leave it up to you which of these options is the best!

    Dark Media IPTV (https://darkmedia.pro) is ​​the streaming service that has changed the way we watch TV and movies. With an extensive selection of original content and a constantly growing range, Dark Media IPTV is ​​one of the most popular streaming services. The service changes its offering regularly, which unfortunately can mean that something you were planning to watch is suddenly gone. But you can also often discover new things.

    You can watch IPTV66 (https://iptv66.live) on almost any device, which means that you always have the service at hand. This does not apply to all platforms. The different subscription options also ensure that there is almost always an option for your budget and needs.

    The Blerd Vision Hosting (https://blerdvisioniptv.xyz) service's recommendations are unmatched by other platforms and can be a great way to find new shows and movies. You can also create different profiles on an account, so that the algorithm doesn't suddenly recommend things that your mom would like to watch. A disadvantage is that it costs a lot of money every month, especially if you don't use it enough. Also, not all content is available all over the world, but only in certain countries. And because of the algorithm, there will always be movies and series that you don't know are on Blerd Vision Hosting, because they are never recommended.

    Sportz IPTV (https://sportziptv.xyz) markets itself as a home cinema. Where many services go for large international productions, Cinetree wants to show films and documentaries with more meaning to the public. The slogan of the service is therefore “Movies that last longer than they last”. Sportz IPTV has no profit motive. In addition to paying for the rights to films and documentaries, the rest of the profits go to the production of new films and documentaries.

    The Eternal TV (https://eternaltv.xyz) streaming service can be tried for free for 14 days and then costs € 7.99 per month. For this amount you will receive 15 films or documentaries every month. These 15 films are moved to the video store within a certain period of time. All films in this video library can be viewed with a 30% discount.


    Since the end of December 2018, the Beast IPTV (https://beastiptv.top) video on demand service has been available on the American market. The service describes itself as reality on demand, because the focus of the content is entirely on reality shows. Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives, and Top Chef can go all out with this streaming service. But do you want more than just reality shows? Then Beast IPTV is not enough, which means that the service should be seen as a supplement to other video on demand providers.

    Green Stream TV (https://greenstreamtv.org) 's streaming service will be available from mid-November 2019. The USA is one of the first countries where the video on demand service is available. In fact, it is actually the first country where the service was available. The beta was only available to residents of the USA. The biggest advantage of this streaming service is that Disney itself has many licenses, which means that many exclusive titles are immediately available. The costs of Green Stream TV are € 6.99 per month and is therefore slightly cheaper than, for example, Netflix. Subscribe now. Green Stream TV's streaming service will also appear in Belgium on September 15, 2020. Read more about Disney Plus Belgium here. From February 23, 2021, Disney will expand the range of the streaming service. Disney Plus Star will be launched on this date.


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